Peritoneal Dialysis Treatments

PD uses the lining in your abdomen (peritoneum) and a special solution (dialysate) to remove waste and extra fluid from blood.

A team of dedicated healthcare professionals are here to support you and help you be successful.

PD requires a way to access your abdomen lining. A minor surgery is scheduled to place a flexible tube into your abdomen.

You train with a PD nurse until you are able to preform your PD treatments at home.

To begin a treatment, you connect the flexible tube (catheter) to a bag of clean dialysate.

The dialysate flows into the abdomen, is held there to attract toxins and extra fluid, and flows out of the abdomen. This is called an exchange.

Your doctor will determine how many exchanges you should have each day.

Supplies are shipped to your home. A small closet is needed to store them.

You will stop by the center at least once a month.